Saturday, 7 November 2015

4 serums to try for dry and dehydrated skin.

Autumn means many things. Crunchy leaves, hot chocolate and Christmas is imminent. With the colder weather and the central heating my skin does tend to get a little bit demanding... it needs lots of moisturising products to be layered. Lucky for me my skin is both dry and dehydrated so I like to use a different serum depending on how my skin is feeling on any given day. 

If your skin is really dry - try the Origins make a difference + or the DHC Resveratrol essence. I switch between the two of these a lot in the morning because I find the add a nice boost of moisture that lets my foundation sit a lot more smoothly on the skin. 

If your skin is really dehydrated - the Vichy aqualia thermal serum or the Pestle & Mortar pure hyaluronic serum. The Vichy feels so soothing and cooling on the skin and makes a big difference to how plump your skin is. I like to use this a lot at night under a richer night cream - on my second bottle, love this stuff. The Pestle & Mortar comes with a pipette which makes it feels scientific, and it's amazing for dehydrated skin. It's almost a bit sticky in texture and it disappears almost immediately after applying it so my skin is drinking it up.

How does your skin cope with the change in season?


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