Wednesday, 30 December 2015

20 blogs you need to be reading.

My twitter timeline has been so full of love for the last couple of days and it has been awesome. Why tear people down when you can be spending your time building them up? Right? I want to end my year on a high - it's been a pretty good year. A lot of my good year has come from this little space on the internet - reading blogs, writing this blog, thinking about blogging... my whole life is blogging. I got Chris roped in, and he made this emoji-infused photo for me, so the post was pretty much done. I just wanted to add some excellent reads to your roster, in no particular order. Just incase you're looking for some fresh reading or a new blogger to fawn over... 

My lovely Dubai friend who has the best (and most expensive!) taste in makeup... Expat Makeup Addict is one of those blogs where you have to read every single post ever. Maybe hide your credit card first. 

Honorable mention goes to Aimee, but her blog doesn't seem to be working at the moment *cries*

This whole post might turn into me going I love the photos, but Pint sized beauty really does produce some beautiful photography, as well as amazing posts that make me flail around. 

The photography of dreams, Jasmine Harding Makeup is the place to go for the best beauty round ups going with incredible photography and if you want to be enabled (always). 

I love Erin Louise Hunt because she is a mega babe, and she also shares my voracious appetite for all things beauty. She posts gorgeous and in depth reviews so regularly, and will make you want to buy all the things. 

After a swish rebrand this year, Katelavie is still my go to blog for beauty roundups and cocktail inspiration. Can we just take a minute to bask in her stylised photos and flat lays?

No one rocks a red lip like Famous in Japan, and she serves it all up with a healthy dose of cynicism and sarcasm. With a mix of books, beauty and lifestyle, Famous in Japan is one for someone who craves something really interesting and intelligent to read. 

So, Miss Makeup Magpie has pretty similar makeup tastes to me so we always end up enabling each other... Another amazing, frequently updated blog, with interesting content and gorgeous photography - I check Makeup Magpie every morning. 

If you ever just want to get lost in a blog for a few hours, then might I point you in the direction of Hannah Gale. She writes everything in such a funny and relatable way, and she really doesn't sugar coat anything. 

Pass the gin, because Tea Party Beauty is about. Gorgeous monochromatic photography with lots of funny little posts, Hayley is a bit of a blogging babe. 

I'm sure you all follow mega babe, The Sunday Girl, already, but just in case! By some magical power, Adrienne posts multiple times a day with amazing content, and she's always tipping me off about the latest launches. 

Ahhh, Jasmine Talks Beauty is absolutely crushing it. Her blog is so gorgeous, and she has fresh, amazing content so regularly with gorgeous photography - I don't know how she does it. 

I'm not shallow, promise, but gorgeous photography always sucks me in and The Cosmetic Aesthetic  is one of the most beautiful blogs around. So much work goes into every post, and I always stop what I'm doing immediately when I see Latasha has posted something new. 

Another expat, Life in Excess features a really interesting mix of lifestyle and beauty as well as Kirsty being so funny - her posts literally make me laugh out loud. 

Zoe has impeccable taste in... everything. Classic Rouge has everything that I want, and Zoe is excellent to talk to on twitter, but you have been warned - she posts regular flawless selfies. 

For expert makeup tips and incredible makeup looks, Zoe New Love is your go to.  If she could just do my makeup every day, that would be great. 

The lady with the unicorn hair, Floral Etiquette, Jemma's blog deserves a lot more attention because it's so bright and girly and her posts are always so well-written. Jemma also has a full-blown obsession with Meryl Streep, which is good fun. 

Alina's makeup posts are my favourite, because Beauty With Charm manages to make everything look really effortless and glamorous. 

So, The Black Pearl Blog is all kinds of amazing because she regularly posts lovely blog posts as well as being a full time mama to two gorgeous kids - I often end up on her instagram for a cheeky ten minutes, because all her photos are so lush. 

Ok, so I want the wardrobe, please? Love Cats Inc has incredible photography of a good mix of beauty, style, baking and lifestyle. 

If you're looking for lots of tip posts as well as advice and well-written posts, then Robowecop is worth a click. Rhianna's photos seem to look even nicer everyday, and I always love fresh daily content to devour. 

I'd love to know any bloggers you love! 


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