Wednesday, 20 January 2016

New in: Zoeva nude Spectrum palette.

Having being supremely impressed with the cocoa blend palette, the new Zoeva nude spectrum palette seemed like a no-brainer. 15 neutral hues with the amazing Zoeva formula? Yup. Yup yup yup. 

I don't want to go mental, or over-exaggerate, but I think the zoeva shadows might just be my favourite formula of powder eye shadows. I know, bold claim. There's just something so deliciously smooth and creamy about them, and they all blend together so seamlessly that it makes me look like I'm better at painting my eyelids gold than I actually am. Look at the swatches! You can't see the nude ones because I am the alabaster girl, but the rest of them? One swipe. I have been abusing the cocoa blend palette so much, so this new palette was received with open arms. As an extra-delicious bonus, the palettes are all so affordable. Two things I don't like - the packaging does not thrill me, and the shadows don't have names. Names are the best part! I'm happy to volunteer as the new Zoeva product-namer, you know. 

Again with the bold statements, but this palette pretty much has every shadow you'll ever need. Skin tone shades to blend everything out, gorgeous shimmers and a matte heather, chocolate brown and black - all my eyes looks sorted. The black shade, by the way, covered my tattoo - so pigmented. 

I don't know, I think Zoeva are really killing it right now, and their palettes are pretty essential. Next stop, their brushes - any recs?


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