Monday, 15 February 2016

Lush haul

Oh, Lush. It had been a while. 

Too long.

A meeting finishing early meant that I had an hour to kill so I ended up in the Lush oxford street store... oh boy. So many lovely things, including the valentine's collection so I basically had to buy some new treats. I grabbed Lover Lamp, which is a bath bomb with cocoa butter and orange oil - smells gorgeous. So cosy. Most exciting was the new bath bomb, Roller. It's an oxford street store exclusive and is a magical little hybrid of a bath oil and a bath bomb. It smells amazing (doesn't everything from lush though?) with tonka bean in it, and is a really slow burner. I used it on Friday night and it melted really slowly, but eventually it turned the water an inky colour and made my whole flat smell amazing. Lastly, I grabbed another bottle of the Comforter shower cream which is basically the nicest shower gel ever - it smells like ribena and leaves my skin really soft. 

What's your favourite from Lush?


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