Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Gimmick or great: Origins Maskimizer.

A primer, for your face mask? Bear with me.

I was too busy being suckered in by the latest gimmick. 

The maskimiser is a skin-optimising pre-mask treatment that gets your skin ready for any mask and allegedly increases the effectiveness of said mask. The first ingredients are water and glycerin, so my suspicions are that this spray is designed to plump up the skin and make any mask's effects look better. I'm excited about the concept of something like this, though. 

Essentially, this is a hydrating mist. I don't know too much about how much it increases the effectiveness of the mask, but when used with a clay mask it leaves the skin a lot softer. It doesn't dry as much, and I found it more comfortable to remove with a hot flannel afterwards. I have tested it out by using half on one side of my face, and there was a noticeable difference in terms of how dry my skin was left. Applying the mask to damp skin is a lot easier as well - it spreads better. I think that if, like me, you enjoy taking time in your week to have a mini-facial ritual, then an extra step is a welcome addition. Is it a gimmick though... 


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