Thursday, 24 March 2016

Marc Jacobs: Charlotte lipstick.

Well if it's good enough for royalty... 

This shade of Le Marc lip creme has been named for Princess Charlotte - cute, and seems so fitting as it's a Harrods exclusive. Cute little PR stunt-name (although I bought this, so it worked!), but the shade doesn't remind me particularly of princesses... sorry, Marc. I'll forgive you though, because this is a UK only-shade. It's described as a deep rose, although I think it leans a bit more towards the fuchsia side of things. One of those brightening pink shades that I always love. 

Let's talk about the formula though - I am so impressed. It's so incredibly pigmented and saturated - a really vibrant shade. It feels creamy but it's not smudgey and it's long-lasting... I need more shades, definitely. The formula reminds me of the MAC amplified, but less smudgey. 

Have you tried anything from Marc Jacobs? I can sense an incoming haul... :)


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