Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Guerlain did good.

Review of the Guerlain L'or radiance concentrate

Review of the Guerlain L'or radiance concentrate

Well this primer takes the prize for the fanciest piece of makeup I own.

Say hello to the Guerlain L'Or radiance concentrate. It has flecks of real gold in it. I know.

Without even trying it, this primer is just so gorgeous to look at. A heavy glass bottle, a gold embossed lid and then the primer looks like that fancy champagne with gold in it. A primer with gold in it is much more exciting though. 

The texture is like a cooling gel - one pump is dispensed which is enough for the face - that I find easily spreadable. The gold flecks aren't visible on the skin, but a really flattering glow is left on the skin - nothing too obvious but the skin just looks healthier and with more radiance. 

In terms of effects, I find the Guerlain primer to be excellent at hydrating and smoothing - it didn't really help with oil control. On my skin though, making sure that everything is hydrated and smoothed is my main concern so this is like my perfect primer. I also find the texture really good for making things feel plumper and more hydrated. I think this primer is perfect for those with dry and dehydrated skin and more mature skins - those with oily skins or pore problems wouldn't reap the benefits as much. 

What's your favourite primer?


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