Thursday, 10 March 2016

How I: Come up with daily content (& 25 beauty blog post ideas).

Tips and tricks for creating daily content on a blog

Let's take a minute to appreciate that blogging is hard. However many times you post, it is hard. You put your heart and soul into a post and that takes a lot of time. I get quite a few people asking how I post daily - I do it because I love it, really. I do however, have tips on coming up with daily content...
I read voraciously - I read anything, but especially anything to do with beauty. I read hundreds of blogs, beauty websites, magazines , books and newspapers (I especially like Sali Hughes and Anita Bhagwandas for beauty). The more you read, the more ideas you have.

I write down any idea I have as soon as it hits me. I always carry a notebook with me, and any inkling of an idea goes in there. Then, I can edit them down later or expand them and work on the ideas until I'm happy.

Speaking of ideas, the more you write the more you tend to have beauty brainwaves. I'm used to it now, but thinking about post ideas and being creative means that the next idea is never too far out of my reach. 

I buy lots of makeup. Sorry, but I do. I also very kindly get given press samples, which make it easier to come up with new ideas. If I'm trying to think of ideas then I always tend to have a rummage around in my stash and wait for inspiration to strike.

I like to have a back up post or two saved in my drafts for when I'm really not feeling it. Sometimes I am in the zone and can type away for hours and sometimes I just want to lie there and watch netflix forever. Having a back-up post takes the pressure off and means I can still publish daily content I'm happy with. 

As well as my five tips for daily content, here are 25 blog post ideas for when the motivation is just not happening. 
  1. What you're loving right now
  2. Work/school/Uni fotd
  3. Wishlist of beauty items you want to try
  4. Colour themed edit
  5. Monthly favourites
  6. Monthly edit
  7. Underrated products
  8. Overhyped products
  9. Favourite palettes
  10. One wash eye shadows
  11. Best red lipsticks
  12. Seasonal perfume edits
  13. Photography tips
  14. Pamper routine
  15. Haircare routine
  16. Easy and quick hairstyles
  17. Favourite highlighters to get the glow
  18. Product x versus product z 
  19. DIY manicure routine
  20. Haul posts
  21. Roundup of products under £10
  22. Desert island beauty
  23. Beauty tips you wish you'd known when you were younger
  24. Roundup of bloggers you're loving at the moment
  25. Realistic morning routine


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