Friday, 29 April 2016

5 Face Masks to Spring Clean your Skin

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Between the brighter evenings and the stream of pink blossom photos on Instagram, it’s safe to say that Spring is officially upon us. Whilst we’re busy cleaning out our workspaces and finding those pretty leggings for an evening jog, let’s not forget to pay a little attention to our skin. Our Winter routines may have been rich in moisturising masks or high coverage foundations but as Summer approaches it’s nice to be able to take it down a notch or two and let our natural skin shine through. In aid of this, here are five face masks to help give your skin a good Spring clean.

Caudalie Instant Detox Mask :: This is quite the 2in1. With grape marc and coffee you get that beautiful radiant complexion and natural evening glow. This deep cleansing mask has pink clay which gives your skin a deep clean right down into those pores. Out of all the clays, I think pink is my favourite because it helps reduce inflammation and pore size. A thin layer onto clean skin for 5-10 minutes and you’re sorted. A great one for the busy bees.

Elizavecca Bubble Clay Mask :: If it’s a Sunday and you’re in the mood for a pamper then this is a great choice. It’s a power house of deep cleansing ingredients: clay, charcoal, green tea and pomegranate. You apply the gelatinous texture in a thick layer onto the skin with the spatula and let it sit for about 10 minutes. It bubbles up and almost “grows” on your face. It feels kinda cool and you look like you’re wearing the bubbles from your bath. Once you look like your facial features are lost amongst the mask, massage it in and wash off. I like to call this one the pore shrinker. Even if it’s not for you, do take a minute to search this in action on YouTube. It’s interesting to watch to say the least.

Pixi Glow Mud Mask :: This mask and I are best buds. It’s my go to and I can easily use this several times a week without it drying out my already dehydrated skin. The “mud” part is kaolin clay and sea salt so it will give your skin a good Dyson hoovering and remove excess oils and impurities. Jojoba seed oil and aloe juice alongside a myriad of botanical extracts ensures that your skin isn’t parched or left lacklustre after that clay mix has done its job. I love leaving this one on for a half hour. It leaves my skin looking clean, without redness and shows those breakouts where the door is.

Origins Original Skin :: Like the Caudalie offering, this one uses pink clay too. It’s a perfect pick for some good exfoliation and to boost dull skin and refine its texture. Canadian willowherb is a key antimicrobial ingredient which works well with breakouts whether hormonal or from stressed skin. My favourite part is the subtle manual exfoliation you get from the jojoba beads. They gently buff which is nice when your skin is sensitive and you don’t want to deal with acid treatments or other potentially scratchy particles. Bonus feature: it smells very light and subtly fruity.

Sheet Masks :: To finish off let’s rehydrate and nourish that skin. With the trend of sheet masking rising across the Western beauty market, you’re not short of options here. The Skin Lounge and Starskin Beauty are my favourites with the hydrogel over cotton sheet options being preferred. Sheets are soaked in a serum or essence that’s packed with hydrating, brightening and other active ingredients and they feel refreshing on the skin. The mask acts as a barrier to ensure the skin drinks up all the goodness of the serum. Tip: each sachet always comes with an excess of serum so store this in a little container so you can pat it onto your skin for days afterwards.

What would be your picks for a skincare Spring clean?

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