Thursday, 28 April 2016

Life Lately.

Can life maybe slow down a little bit? I've had so much going on recently and lots coming up so today is more of a chatty post. 

So yeah. I'm moving flats tomorrow and my current situation is about a hundred boxes and lots of bubble wrap. Sometimes landlords and estate agents can be the worst, and give you next to no notice to move out. I know. Luckily we found a new flat and managed to cobble together the bits and pieces you need to move without too much stress. We're not even moving that far away, but the new flat is nice and even has a fireplace. I'm up for doing some moving posts and new interior shots if anyone would like that? I hate moving because it's so much faff, but I'm looking forward to just being in the new house. Hate packing, because how do I own so much stuff? Ugh. The especially hideous downside? Not going to have internet for about two weeks. I know. How will I blog? How will I watch Netflix when I get ready, and watch Youtube videos until 2am? Help.

Lots of exciting events
So recently I've been incredibly lucky and have been invited to some really gorgeous events. I went on board the good ship benefit with house of fraser, which was just... amazing. A boat filled with gorgeous makeup? I know. The good ship benefit is a few seconds away from Embankment, and well worth a visit. In the photo above you can see the London Eye in the mirror of the palette. 
I also went to afternoon tea last week Antipodes and some lovely bloggers, which is basically my favourite way to spend an afternoon. With the added bonus of lots of skincare products to look at, it was amazing.
Last Sunday was my gorgeous mum's birthday as well, and we had an amazing brunch and a little jaunt on the London Eye.

Things to look forward to
It's my birthday on Saturday, which is nice... I know that we're going to Duck and Waffle for breakfast (because I booked it haha), but the rest of the day is a surprise which is nice. Yay for birthdays, boo for being older.
We're also seeing Dr Faustus on Monday with Kit Harrington. So ready for some topless scenes ah! Sadly not in the front row but still close enough.
The wedding is edging ever closer! Eeeek. 
Hitting 2k on bloglovin - little plug right here. Yup, I'm so so close to 2k and I had set an optimistic blog goal to hit it by my birthday on Saturday... we'll see. Either way, I'm pretty happy with my little slice of internet at the moment and am still enjoying creating content as much as ever.

What have you been up to lately?



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