Monday, 2 May 2016

Birthday in Brighton.

Hello from the other side... I'm all moved in, and the lack of wifi started to make me cry so Chris and I are camping out in Joe & the Juice for a few hours to catch up. 

It's official - I can no longer use Taylor Swift's 22 as my anthem, because on Saturday I turned 23... We had breakfast at Duck & Waffle, which is my favourite place to eat in London - mainly for the views. On the 40th floor, you can see everything in London - it's such a cool view. It comes with the added bonus of providing me with waffles, so it's pretty much the best. 

Then after breakfast, Chris and my mum surprised me with a trip to Brighton - I die. The weather managed to keep it together, and we spent the day strolling around - we did the pier, we did the lanes, we did fish and chips and we did rainbow cake. Pretty much the best day, and a very nice way to spend my birthday. 

Yesterday we spent the day exploring our new digs - we officially live in Hampstead now, and I am within walking distance of Space NK. This afternoon we're going to hopefully get a lot more unpacking done, and then we're off to the theatre to see Kit Harrington - so happy it's a bank holiday! Hope all of you have had a lovely three days off - normal blogging service will resume tomorrow hopefully :) 



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