Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Five things I do when my skin looks shit

Do you ever wake up and look at yourself in the mirror and think... yeah, not today. Sometimes my skin just has a bit of a tantrum and hopefully I'm not alone! When your skin is in desperate need of some tender loving care, there are five things I always try to do, as soon as possible. 

Down water like it's going out of fashion. I've mentioned this before, but you almost definitely can't drink enough water. It makes you feel better, it makes you eat less and makes your skin so much better. This is basically my number one solution for any sort of ailment, and drinking water is not to be underestimated. 

Exfoliate. I'm all for chemical exfoliators, but sometimes you can't beat a good old grainy scrub. I like the Bioderma one because it gets the job done but is gentle enough not leave my face sore. When my skin is feeling dry, it's like being a phoenix emerging from the ashes after a good scrub. 

Layer moisture and massage the skin. Sometimes my skin just gets so thirsty, so I like to use thin layers of oils - adding more after thirty minutes and then seeing how my skin feels. Oil, then cream then maybe more oil. If it's being absorbed it's all good, right?

Steam my face. Steaming basically is like a miracle for dry and dehydrated skin, but does good things for anyone. Holding a towel over a bowl of hot water and letting your face feel all purified may look weird, but leaves skin smooth. Like an at-home sauna. 

Make sure my brushes and pillow cases are clean. Like, it just makes sense. No point smearing dirty brushes over clean and prepped skin, or sleeping on a pillowcase that suffocates your skin. Ugh. 

What do you do when your skin needs some help?



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