Friday, 26 August 2016

One Blogger, One Brand: Stila

I'm just a little bit in love with Stila.

Ok, not a little. A lot.

It's just a little combination of their pretty packaging, their long-wearing products and their range of wearable colours. They get me.

It's time to start at the beginning... with a primer that looks like marshmallows. The one step correct is one of the earliest mainstream colour correctors, with all colours swirled together to hopefully make the skin as flawless as possible. I like this for cancelling redness, which is something I always look for. The aqua glow foundation is the dream for dry skins - I think it gives a really smooth finish but I'm not a huge fan of the pipette dispenser and I wish it lasted a little longer on the skin. One I do love is the aqua glow concealer - perfect for dry peepers. Something I've mentioned before, and am still loving, is the Perfect Me, Perfect Hue palette - a one stop shop for all your powder needs. Fair Light is a gorgeous little edit, with flattering shades. 

One of my favourite liquid lipstick formulas ever is the stay all day. Smells delicious, goes on smoothly without being too drying and the colour lasts well (not all day, but well!). My favourite colours are Caramello (basically my exact lip colour), Patina and Aria. I've got some mini ones, so cute. 

Eyes on the prize... their stay all day liquid liner is well-known in the blogging world, and I can't fault it. Inky black formula with a fine little nib - I highly recommend it. The Huge Extreme Lash mascara is good, but not life changing. I find the brush a little too big, although it's pretty similar to the Too Faced mascara if you like that. 

What have you tried from Stila?


This post contains products all bought by myself and sadly is not sponsored! :)


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