Saturday, 17 September 2016

A Busy Week & Beauty Blenders

I am so happy it's Saturday, I can't even cope. All I want is a big pot of coffee, a bagel and pyjamas. 

I am so busy at the moment - struggling to cope with work, wedding and blog! What even is a social life and how do I get one? The good thing about being really busy at work is that I haven't had time to worry about the wedding and am feeling remarkably chilled about it. Wonder when that will change. 

I went to a beauty blender masterclass this week and learnt all about the plethora of products on offer - testing everything out now! There are loads of different products I hadn't tried/heard of, and I'm really excited about them. Everyone knows about my love of the original beauty blender for fast and flawless skin, so I was beyond thrilled to meet the team behind the famous little egg. 

How was your week?



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