Friday, 7 October 2016

5 Primers for People Who ‘Don’t Do Primer’

Hi guys it’s Jasmine here from Jasmine Talks Beauty – today I’ve been invited onto Laurzrah by the lovely Laura to share with you the products I’d recommend if you usually skip primer. With limited time in the morning it can be tempting to miss this step out of your routine, however I’m hoping that some of these fuss-free but amazing primers will change your mind.

The One for Dry Skin: Too Faced Hangover Primer | £27 | This is what I reach for when my skin is looking tired, dull and in need of a hydration boost. It contains coconut water and has a cream formula so you don’t get that slippery silicone feel. In fact it’s almost more like a skincare product, clearing up any dry patches and ensuring your skin is moisturised and ready for foundation. It has a lightweight texture so never feels greasy and doesn’t leave any excess on the surface of your skin. Whilst it isn’t so much of a smoothing primer, it plumps the skin up so there are fewer fine lines for your base to settle into.

The Great All-Rounder: Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Primer | £10 | Don’t let the name fool you; this budget buy isn’t drying or super-mattifying. It’s another cream-based option but a little less hydrating than the Too Faced, instead giving you a satin base for your makeup. It’s perfect for my combination skin because it helps prevent shine whilst still being hydrating enough for my dry areas. It’s relatively good at hiding pores and uneven texture as well. Overall I find my foundation goes on really smoothly whenever I use this primer and I definitely get a few more shine-free hours of wear! I also love that you don’t have to wait ages before applying your foundation to avoid the ‘peeling’ effect; I can just slap this on and go!

The One for Oily Skin: Hylamide Matte 12 | £23 | This has been a life-saver for me this summer! It has a gel-like texture so is smoothing despite being silicone-free. Again, you don’t have to leave it to settle for ages before applying your makeup either. It isn’t dry like a lot of matte primers (which you have to pretty much drag across your skin!) and I feel like even those with drier skin who just tend to get shiny in the sun can use this. It’s the best primer I’ve tried as far as keeping my face shine-free goes; I used this whilst I was in Italy and it successfully stopped my makeup doing its usual trick of melting right off my face!

The Pore-Eraser: Skyn Iceland Pure Pore Minimiser | £25 | It’s really hard to find a priming product that doesn’t have a silicone base but actually fills in and disguises the look of pores. However Skyn Iceland have somehow managed to bring together a cream texture and a formula that leaves my skin looking smooth. This is actually pretty hydrating and as well as impressively reducing the appearance of my pores, it also stops makeup settling into any fine lines.

The Glow-Booster: Becca Backlight Priming Filter | £32 | This isn’t the type of primer that’s going to smooth your skin out or anything like that but if you’re having a bit of a dull skin day then it’s a life-saver! It has quite a light, fluid texture and won’t separate out from your moisturiser. I definitely use this sparingly to avoid things looking greasy but honestly; a tiny amount is all you need! I sometimes find that illuminating primers don’t really show once I’ve applied my base, however this one does! It gives the skin a really natural, dewy radiance with minimal effort.

Which are your favourite quick and easy primers?

Thank you for having me on your blog, Laura!

Jasmine x



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