Friday, 18 November 2016

Making My Own Lipstick

Imagine a Willy Wonka style chocolate factory, for lipstick lovers.

I went there. I won the golden ticket, and went to the Bite Beauty Lab in New York. How could I miss the chance to make a lipstick of my very own?

I wanted to make a really good nude, that I could wear every day. It's the right amount of peach, rose, pink and brown for my complexion - it took about ten different goes with me wanting a little bit lighter, a little bit brighter... the staff definitely aren't that impressed but whatever. This was all about my dream lipstick. It's a little overwhelming thinking of a shade to perfect out of every shade ever - red, vampy, pink...  When you finish with the colour you pick the finish - I went for matte - which is really comfortable and a little creamy. They had sheer and glossy as well, but I will always go for matte over any other formula. You can pick the scents as well - they had vanilla, citrus-mango, cherry, wild berry, lemon and mint - I went for vanilla-mint, which is like a creamy peppermint. I love it. Then once you have your colour, your flavour and your finish they mix up a whole stick and you wait there and then for it to be made. 

It was $45 for one lipstick which is obviously really expensive, but it's far more about the experience! 

If you could make any shade, what would you make?



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