Sunday, 12 February 2017

Blank Canvas

Is there a sight more beautiful than clean makeup brushes? They look so neat, and I love having every single one clean and ready to be used. Sadly, this doesn't happen very often because I am too lazy to wash all of them at the same time. Imagine my delight, then, when I opened up the 12-piece Rose Gold brush set from Blank Canvas! Twelve beautiful new brushes to play with. I need a marble pot to put these in, because they really are a blogger's dream. 

In the set you get: A F34 (powder), F20 (foundation), F33 (contour), F27 (paint-brush foundation, F36 (blush, but this is perfect for highlighter) and F19 (precise contour). Eye-wise, you get E12 (pencil), E04 (flat-shader), E01 (blending), E05 (angled blending), E06 (brow/spoolie) and E07 (lip/detail). 

Quality wise, these are really nicely done brushes. They're stylised synthetic brushes so they're not hakuhodo quality, but they look dreamy and perform really well. As they're synthetic, they're vegan-friendly/cruelty-free and also dry really quickly after you wash them. I would compare the quality to Real Techniques (and better than Spectrum). The only problem with such beautiful, pristine brushes is that they're almost too nice to use. 



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