Saturday, 11 February 2017

How To Support Your Fellow Blogger

In a sea of blogs, it's easy to lose track of who's posted that day or seen everyone's latest instagram upload. I'm trying to share the love for all of the amazing bloggers I read, and so I've got some little tips that I'm sticking to and little ways that make it easy to support your fellow blogger.

If you like their content, let them know! I bet it would make their day, seeing someone tweet them about how much they loved their latest post. It always makes me smile when someone does it to me! Start chatting about what you liked about their post and make a new twitter friend. Boom. 

Leave comments. Lots of comments. Throw them around like confetti. I've been trying to make an effort to comment on more blogs - I normally read them on my phone on the way to/from work so I tend to only comment if you have disqus because it's easiest to use!

Share the love. Saving posts on bloglovin helps their content to be seen by a wider audience - I always try to save posts or love them. When people save mine and I end up on the beauty page, it genuinely makes my day! 

Be social. Following on from the last point - chat to them, RT a link to their blog post, share their content onto your timeline. A little RT takes no effort, but surely makes someone feel appreciated and what's better than that? 

Use their affiliate links. It costs you nothing, but might just help them hit a threshold in commission or reach a new target. I think disclosing links is important (because nobody wants to feel duped into clicking on something), but there's nothing wrong with it. If I'm going to buy something from a certain retailer, I will definitely go through a blogger's link. 

Support their side-hustle. I know so many bloggers do something on the side - an etsy shop, or freelance social media management. Buy a slot on their sidebar for the next month.Maybe make a little purchase or recommend their skills to someone who asks. 

Follow them, everywhere. I'm assuming they have their social media icons on their homepage (and if not, tell them to!), but follow them on every platform they have. When I find a blog I like, you better believe I am on their instagram, favouriting their tweets and repinning them. If you like their work, it makes sense to see what they're posting across every channel. Go full stalker :) 



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