Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The New Glow-Givers

My love for highlighter shows no sign of slowing down and I pretty much can't remember the last time I did my makeup without adding a little pop of sheen onto the top of my cheekbones (and everywhere else really). Thankfully, I know I'm not alone in my highlighter obsession and the makeup industry equally shows no sign of stopping - I've got three new highlighters that both me and my cheekbones are enjoying. 

I've been waiting for my whole makeup life to have Stila's infamous Kitten in a highlighter and I can't say I'm disappointed... From the gorgeous gold packaging that looks beautiful in my makeup bag to the product itself, it's love! This little beauty is from the new Glitter Underground collection which has lots of amazing eyeshadows and liquid lipsticks (more coming this week on that) but this highlighter is surely going to become a big-seller for Stila. The formula is not powdery like their eye shadows but instead has a buttery soft and smooth texture which glides across the cheeks and almost melts into the skin; leaving behind a beautiful glow, perfect for wearing in the day. 

As well as the double cleanser with Caroline Hirons (which is fab, by the way), Pixi has brought out quite a few new makeup pieces in collaboration with some American YouTubers. Two that have seriously impressed me so far are the Glow-y powders from Aspyn Novard in London Lustre (icy) & Santorini Sunset (champagne). These are seriously soft, buttery and blendable and I think these will be a dream come true for those who are on the quest for glowing skin. I really like the simplistic packaging as well, making them a good fit for a makeup bag on the go. The champagne one is pretty universal, whereas London Lustre is a little frosty

Last but not least is something seriously interesting - highlighter in an innovative formula! From Beauty Mart, land of the interesting beauty products, I got this; it's similar to your traditional blotting powders but instead of absorbing oils it departs a beautiful sheen onto the skin. They're perfect for applying makeup on the go, for travel or for keeping in your bag for makeup touch ups mid-afternoon. I've never seen anything like this formula, so I'm pretty excited about keeping these in my bag for some glow-on-the-go. 

What's your favourite highlighter?



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