Monday, 6 February 2017

The Past Week in Lipsticks

Another week means seven whole new days to wear some good lipsticks. You've got to look at the positives on a Monday morning, and lipstick is definitely one of them. Looking back at the last seven days of lip options, I have been going through a neutral phase; dusky pinks everyday. 

Monday - Something pink and pretty to kick start my week! Illamasqua Cosmo. I did a whole review post on this new range a few days ago, but this shade has quickly become on my go-to picks for a dusky pink vibe. I guess I know what I like because I could definitely dupe this but the formula is nice and it's a good one to wear for work. 

Tuesday - It might be January, but Colourpop November is a pretty perfect pick for right now. It's... a dusky pinky sort of shade, I am so predictable. The formula on this is pretty drying though, and it's not my favourite formula for liquid lipsticks. Not bad, but not the best. 

Wednesday - Another pink, I have a pattern! Marc Jacobs Truth or Bare is one of my very favourite liquid lipstick formulas (I need to get more shades asap), because it's just so easy to apply in the morning and then forget about it. The shade is a gorgeous rosy pink that I think would flatter just about anybody. 

Thursday - I got this in my M&S advent calendar, and it's my first product from the Rosie Huntington Whitely collection. It's essentially a chubby stick sort of crayon, and the shade super model smile is so ridiculously easy to wear. Plus, the rose gold packaging is all kinds of dreamy. 

Friday - It makes me cringe typing this name but NARS Suck is worth it because it really is a perfect shade to wear. A creamy peachy shade with a creamy formula, the velvet lip glides are worth checking out if you're looking for a non-drying lip option. 

Saturday - More from the Illamasqua Antimatter collection, because I am all kinds of obsessed with this new launch. Spectre is a vampier option, and my boldest pick from the last week! Obviously feeling daring on Saturday. 

Sunday - I mentioned this one in my post about office-appropriate lipsticks, but Nars Apoline is also equally gorgeous for easy weekend wear when you don't want to look overdone but can't live without lipstick (my life). If you haven't tried the Audacious formula, I'd highly recommend you start off with Apoline because it's gorgeous. 



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