Monday, 17 April 2017

A Big Pamper

A bank holiday, as far as I'm concerned, is the perfect opportunity to have a truly indulgent pamper - I'm talking body scrubs, hair masks, pedicures and the lot. Normally in the week it's a race to have a shower and run out of the door in time for work so I am fully appreciative of the time to have a pamper. It's basically mandatory in my book. 

Starting off in the shower, I love to use a good body scrub - my absolute favourite is the candy coconut one from Odylique because it makes my skin instantly feel smoother but also hydrated. Love it! I appreciate body scrub isn't especially exciting, but finding a good one is worth reporting. A pamper session needs a clarifying shampoo, to be swiftly followed by a moisturising mask - I love my hair to feel squeaky clean but not frizzy so I'm not asking a lot... Bumble Sunday shampoo is the OG for super-clean hair and I love Shea Moisture for masks. Also a particularly long shower is pretty much the only time I can be bothered to shave my legs - I can't be the only one? It's so boring!

Face wise, I'm using the new La Roche Posay Effaclar masque to hopefully give me brand new baby skin alongside my usual sheet masks and face oils - the more hydration, the better. If I can, I always rope my family and friends into trying a mask or two as well because little skincare clinics are my jam. 

Are you going to have a pamper today?



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