Saturday, 15 April 2017

Five Favourites... Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks

I know I'm not alone in my love of all things Tilbury - the whole brand experience has been really nicely created and the lipsticks are definitely one of the strongest products from the brand - in two dreamy formulas (one creamy and one in a modern matte) and a whole plethora of lovely shades as well as being encased in rose gold tubes? Frankly, I didn't even stand a chance and I quickly fell head over heels for them... I've got quite the collection now, but these five are the ones I would recommend the most. 

Starting off with one of the most talked about ones - Pillow Talk. Can something gain cult status in a few months? I think it can, and rightly so because this is one beaut of a shade! It seems to have disappeared off the website, but Tilbs isn't stupid - she won't take this one away. It's pretty much the ultimate my lips but better shade and it's a real treat to wear as I find it suits every single makeup look and manages to make me look a little bit brighter, a little bit more polished and a little bit prettier. 

The ultimate in Spring lipsticks, Amazing Grace is such an interesting shade because it's bright enough to pack a punch but remains such a beautiful choice for wearing throughout the day. It was inspired by Grace Kelly, but this soft coral shade is a gorgeous choice for brightening the complexion in a flash. I bought Liv It Up purely because I have a massive crush on Liv Tyler... the shade has been described by Charlotte as the perfect mix between a rock n' roll nude lip and an ethereal choice - on me it's a creamy nude pink that adds some romance to a makeup look.

One of the first ones I tried, Love Liberty is a deep and dusky rose shade - it's not too purple but has enough of a darker tone to be a bit of a statement lip. I love this one in Autumn but I find it works really well in Spring and Summer for a night out lipstick. Lastly, The Queen! A beautiful berry pink to add some regality to your makeup bag... This suits-all shade can be dabbed on the lips for a sheerer look or applied fully for a pink lip.

Do you have any Tilbury favourites?



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