Friday, 14 April 2017

Four For The Four Day Weekend

Three cheers for the long weekend! I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday but I still have 4 glorious days ahead - I have big plans like blogging, eating mini eggs and photographing. I can never be bothered to do a lot of makeup when it's such a chilled environment so for the most part I am sticking with these four picks for the next four days...

It's all about the base with me, so for something lightweight, easy to apply but with decent staying power I like the Nars velvet matte skin tint - it's so easy to blend, you can use your fingers really quickly and it just melts into the skin - don't let the word matte put you off. Nars seems to just really understand their bases (I've tried all of them!) and this is a really nice one for faking a low maintenance makeup look. For under the eyes, my favourite Clarins instant concealer is hard to beat in terms of coverage and how moisturising it is - this works well on any blemishes as well and I'm always going to repurchase it (I'm on my third tube now). 

For lips and cheeks, I'm going to be lazy/a genius and use a cream blush stick for both options - the Clinique chubby stick blusher in rosy poly roly is a beautiful shade that adds a nice flush. The formula is comfortable enough on both lips and cheeks (a rarity) and it's saving space in my makeup bag. I can't not highlight, so the Milani strobelight instant glow powder in afterglow is gorgeous and something I like to dust all over.

What are your plans for the long weekend?



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