Wednesday, 19 April 2017

How To Marie Kondo Your Makeup

Do you ever just look in your makeup bag and feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of makeup and yet go out and buy more? Yeah, me too. I'm definitely not a minimalist in any area of my life (in fact I would say I'm #TeamMaximalist) but every now and then I feel inspired enough to try and organise things. Things like my over-stocked bathroom shelves and my ready-to-burst makeup drawers. In an attempt to regain some control over my ever-expanding beauty stash I've turned to the over-hyped Marie Kondo... If I could be 5% as disciplined as her, well that would be great. 

Go through all your makeup in one go - my dressing table isn't even the whole of it, because I'll find a lip balm in a coat pocket and about 6 identical lipsticks in any given handbag along with 19 lip balms. When every single piece of makeup is in one place, it's time to get everything out and review it... I know, it's overwhelming. Putting everything in categorised piles allows you to see how many pink lipsticks or bronze shadows you have.

Do the same for skincare and haircare. Mmmhmm, getting ready in the morning is about ten times easier when everything I need is neat, tidy and readily available. No more swimming through my bathroom cabinet to try and find that particular toner. 

Get rid. Of a lot. Old stuff that you've kept for too long, cracked compacts, eyeshadows in colours you'll never wear. I find the more you get rid of, the more ruthless you'll be. If it's scary, put everything you want to get rid of in a bag and put it away - if you don't miss it a week later, you'll be fine. 

Only keep things which spark joy - granted, a lot of my makeup sparks joy because it's all gorgeous but getting everything out and swatching it means you can really make sure you're only going to keep the pieces you truly love. I'm guilty of hanging onto things because they were expensive or from a favourite brand but if you don't love it then it's time to say goodbye. 



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