Friday, 9 June 2017

A Week In Lipsticks

I think that all diaries should come with lipstick-entires because it makes the whole thing a lot more interesting! Instead of just sharing my lip picks, I've mixed in a few diary entires from my week with what I've been up to - theatre trips, drag queens and hair cuts, this week...

Monday - Fresh lip treatment in Rose

A bank holiday to me means it has to be some sort of low maintenance makeup because I just can't be bothered. On the Monday all I did was go for a walk and just do little errands and bits around the house so it was super relaxed - the best. The fresh treatment is lovely and hydrating on the lips and it leaves behind a subtle wash of colour. 

Tuesday - Lipstick Queen Mornin' Sunshine

Back to work! And to werq, because I saw the London werq the world tour Tuesday night, and it was all kinds of amazing. I am such a drag race fan, so it was such a treat to see some of my favourite queens in person. There was Latrice Royale as the special guest, as well as Michelle Visage, Peppermint, Violet Chachki, Kim Chi, Sasha Velour and more so it was action packed! Also, Andrew Garfield was there... I went for a low-key lip because I was in all day training for work and then running across town to East London so I couldn't get my full glam on and this sunshine yellow pick was nice and easy. 

Wednesday - MAC x Fleur De Force

After a late night I definitely slept in a bit, so it was a lipstick application on the tube sort of morning. I went for this peachy little number which is nice and comfortable on the lips as well as managing to make my face look a little brighter. I went out again to see Don Juan in Soho and rushed straight after work so it was another low-key makeup mood. The play was so funny, and has reignited my David Tenant love. 

Thursday - Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk

I 100% can't cope with two consecutive late nights, and running on 6 hours sleep is not the one for me. Still, I have makeup to help my face look more awake and I went for an easy pick. The Pillow Talk lipstick is one of my favourites and it's so fool proof and the pretty pink tones go so nicely with any makeup look (in this case it was lots of concealer). Thursday for lunch I met my friend for a coffee and then struggled through the afternoon feeling tired! I went to bed at 8.30pm, I'm not even sorry. 

Friday - Laura Mercier Lacquer Up Acrylick Lip Varnish

Almost the weekend... I've really had a low key makeup look but I think running to the office every morning just means that I have a limited amount of makeup inspiration in the morning - I just can't be bothered, really. I featured this lip gloss here, and I am seriously loving it. 

Saturday - Jeffree Star liquid lipstick in I'm Shook

So on Saturday I got up early and went to the hairdressers and had most of my hair cut off... Exciting times, because now my hair is so swishy and doesn't get caught in my bag/jacket/bra which is a winner for me. It was a tiny bit scary seeing all my hair snipped off, lying on the floor, but it's just hair! I had minimal makeup before getting it cut, but afterwards I applied a coat of the I'm Shook lipstick to make me look a little brighter. In the afternoon we had a picnic and went to the Imperial War museum which was really interesting. 

Sunday - Maybelline matte lipstick in Beige Babe

Sunday is always a day for me where I finish off blog posts for the week ahead with taking some photos, doing some writing and planning out features so I inevitably end up testing a few products which is where this lipstick came in... I've tried the formula before, but I was just giving this one the final test ahead of the post about it going live. It's a process, this blog!


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