Friday, 14 July 2017

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

And the award to the most hyped foundation goes to... the hard-to-find, always-out-of-stock and ever-elusive foundation from The Ordinary. When this (and the serum version) launched, the internet seemed to lose its collective shit and rightly so because this foundation is a mere £5.90 (and comes from the beauty powerhouse DECIEM so it's got all of the ingredient backing and research behind it). It was massively out of stock for ages, but I managed to grab a bottle from their Spitalfields store and have worn it everyday since. 

I'm shade 1.0NS - this is neutral toned with silver highlights and seems to match my skin pretty well. The shade range seems pretty fab with a wide variety of undertones so I can imagine everyone would find their match. The formula has, as the name suggests, excellent coverage. It is not heavy, flat or drying and in fact reminds me of the Giorgio Armani power fabric but a tiny bit lighter. It's not full full coverage like a mask of makeup but a pump and a half gives me the full-coverage finish I always crave. I have found that it remains the same throughout the day and so has quickly been escalated to a perfect base for the working day - I've worn it every single day since I bought it, so I've been testing it through sweaty weather, rainy weather and everything in between. Ultimately, it's nothing groundbreaking formula wise but it is very very good as a ~basic~ foundation for everyday use. 



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