Thursday, 13 July 2017

Three Favourites from Too Faced

We all have our favourite beauty brands, where we tend to fall in love with each new release and regularly repurchase classics - for me, that's Too Faced. The kitsch packaging really speaks to me, the products rarely disappoint and I've been using the range for absolutely years so I suppose I'm quite the fan. From their cult mascara to their liquid lipsticks and pretty much everything in between, Too Faced has found its way into my everyday makeup bag as well as constantly being on my wish list. To pick just three absolute essentials though... it was difficult, but I did it! 

Without a doubt, the Sweet Peach palette is one of the prettiest picks around - packed full of beautiful, pigmented warm shadows, I get so much use from this palette and never manage to get bored of it! My most used shade would be Luscious (as shown by obvious damage caused from repeat use) but the whole palette is pigmented and a joy to use. I am seriously debating a big shadow cull in my collection and know that this palette needs to always be in my stash... It smells like peaches - which is nice I guess, and the whole peach line is undoubtedly overdone as what started with a neat idea has clearly snowballed into a huge marketing win but I still think this palette is worthy of the hype.

I could have easily also mentioned the blush from the collection as I adore that too, but I went with this blush as I find the satin finish tends to ultimately go with more makeup looks. The Love Flush blush looks like a polly pocket piece, and has the prettiest peachy blush shade in it that I find myself reaching for a lot of the time. 

Lastly, the Born This Way concealer. I am quite the fan of Too Faced base products in general and could have easily gone with the hangover primer or the foundation but the concealer deserves a lot of attention because it's a truly fantastic formula. Light under the eyes, non-drying, non-creasing and with good coverage? Consider me sold. I'm on my second tube of the stuff, and think it's a great pick for wearing on a long day as it doesn't need to be set with powder and ultimately remains flawless all day.

Do you have any favourites from Too Faced?



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