Saturday, 4 February 2012

Benefit Hervana: Review!


I love Benefit as a brand, I think they're really fun, & I love the powder boxes. I have Coralista, and have my eyes on Dallas...

Anyway, I'd been waiting for this little beauty to be released for ages, after seeing photos online :D

I was in Debenhams, and the MA told me I had £15 of beauty card points, success!

So I managed to buy this for £8.50 - bargain ;)

Hervana - Her meets Nirvana ... love plays on words... 

Love the packaging! So pretty, and unusual. Definitely stands out!

The brush looks so lovely and clean! 
Hervana comes with an angled brush, which I think is better than a straight one. The brush I have in Coralista is actually pretty good though, far superior to most little applicator brushes that come free with products.  This brush seems equally good :)

It's in the new style packaging, with the lid attached, and a little mirror in the lid :)

Four complimentary shades - A very pale pink, a rose, a peach and a dusky pink. The blush is designed to be swirled together with the brush, and the colour made is a cool toned (on me) pink. 

Here it is applied on skin :)

Gives you a nice rosy glow..

I actually bleddy love this! Pigmented, applies easily and blends like a dream.

Definitely recommending this bad boy!

You get 8g of product, which is loaddssss. Less than the old style Benefit though, my Coralista has 12g.

Hervana is available nationwide (sold out online) now at boots, HoF etc... for £23.50

What do you think? 

Are you guys loving a bit of Hervana? 

Laura xx



  1. I've been lusting over this! It looks so nice! Can't bring myself to pay that much for a blush though when I already have about 50 others! But I love this so much! x

  2. It looks very pretty! What a bargain to get that with your points! x

  3. I just saw your tweet on twitter so I had to check out your blog! :-) I looooove Hervana! it smells so good ;) you have beautiful eyes!

    I just started following you

  4. I don't think I would have got it if I didn't get £15 off, so expensive!
    It's so pretty :)
    Thanks, Caise!


  5. looks really pretty on, but benefit make up is really expensive. if i'm not in love, i never buy it :)


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