Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Matches made in heaven.

I've spoken before about my love of all things co-ordinated when it comes to makeup. I love to match my lipstick with my blusher, because I really think it helps to pull everything together and just look a lot more polished. When musing on the subject - you know you think about makeup obsessively too - I thought how aesthetically pleasing it would be to do a post dedicated to some matches that were surely made in heaven... so good are they at being matchy matchy. 

- The coral/pink hybrid... touched on briefly in a recent favourites post - MAC Impassioned and Stila Petunia. Both of these scream summer, to me. They are so pretty and bright and are a sure fire way to perk up your entire complexion instantly. Both products also have a similar dewy finish, which looks particularly luminous. 

- The peach... Y'all know I am a peachy blusher fiend. One of my top picks is undoubtedly Estee Lauder Witty Peach, and a good peach lipstick is MAC peach blossom. Both are understated and pretty natural, and definitely the easiest way to start makeup co-ordinating. 

- The orange... You know I had include Stila Gladiola. It looks so intimidating just sat there, but once on the skin it melts in and looks so dreamy, and incredibly flattering. I paired it with Tom Ford's Wild Ginger, which goes with everything really, but looks especially flawless when paired with Gladiola. 

Do you like to get matchy matchy? :)


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