Monday, 30 June 2014

MOT Beauty

I like to see grooming as a bit of personal maintenance, and something that is a neccesity. After a week of carefree shenanigans in Barcelona, my skin/hair/general appearance was due a heavy-duty pamper. Yesterday, amidst washing, cooking lunches for work and other weekend errands I made sure I had time to up the game and... sort my shit out.

Showering - obviously. I used my go-to clarifying shampoo, BB sunday and deep conditioned my ends - sea water can wreak havoc! After that I spend a good 20 minutes detangling my many knots. Usual oils and sprays etc, and my hair was left looking a lot sleeker and nicer. A full body moisturiser (ooh er) using the balance me super toning body cream* left me feeling all fresh and like a new woman. The power of a nice shower!
Hair removal - the full works. My legs look stubbly (ew) overnight, and I had so many random eyebrow hairs sprouting up all over the place. Speaking of eyebrows - I ran out of my eyebrow pencil whilst on holiday - any recs?
Skin TLC - mask ahoy! Origins out of trouble for the pesky pimples on my chin and the drink it up overnight in a bid for nicer skin come Monday morning. 
Nails - Ugh, unkempt nails just make me cringe. I took care of my cuticles and slapped on a fresh coat of my new Sephora Formula X polish in Reckless. Seriously impressed. 

After all that I am more than ready for another week! Do you like to do a complete beauty MOT? :)


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