Thursday, 28 August 2014

Jo Malone perfume collection (featuring Chris!)

Jo Malone perfumes are some of the best I have come across - there are so many, and so many different dreamy scents. Although undeniably a gimmick, I also enjoy the concept of 'layering' scents, so you can make something more custom to you. I have 5 of them, and they pretty much have my scent wardrobe covered... except for maybe something Autumnal, and the sea salt and wood sage. They're just too good!

  • Blue Agave and Cacao is my favourite of all, and one I would recommend everyone to try, right now. Unusual, rich and warm and seductive. It just smells so incredible, and I always feel happy when I spritz this on. I wear vanilla body lotions a lot (Bliss warm vanilla, mmm) and this scent goes so well with it. 
  • English Pear and Freesia is the perfume I wore on holiday to Barcelona, and it makes me feel all the feels when I smell it. This one is really interesting - fruity, but not overly girly. It smells almost like it's sparkling, and it's so juicy. 
  • Peony and Blush suede is the girliest of the bunch... it's very floral and sweet. I love peonies, and I love that this captures the scent so well. The scent is a bit powdery, which keeps it from being too sickly. 
  • White Jasmine and Mint is so fresh and crisp... all of Jo Malone's perfumes are quite unusual, but I'd never smelt something so minty before. The jasmine makes things a little less chewing gum, and a lot more sophisticated. An evening scent!
  • Earl Grey and Cucumber was my first one, and the one that kick-started the whole craze. I love the fruity smell, but the Eary Grey side keeps things from being so sweet, and adds some warmth. This one is absolutely a Summer scent. 

I'm not the only one around here who loves Jo Malone... I typed down what Chris dictated, and it turns out he is quite descriptive.... ;)

  • From the first moment you apply Lime, Basil & Mandarin you are transported into a world of zesty fragrance, reminiscent of a warm summer's day. Pop some on your wrists and neck and not only will you get your much needed kick-start to the day, but you'll be smelling amazing. 
  • When dusk begins to settle, 154 is the perfect companion for your night out. It's musky, yet elegant with smoky hints which aren't too overpowering for an all-rounded suave scent. 

Do you have any Jo Malone perfumes? 


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