Friday, 23 January 2015

LUSH Valentine's Day... Be still my heart

Nothing says I LOVE YOU like a big bubbly bath. Right...? Yeah, I agree. Baths are an excellent winter past time, and one of the best accompaniments to ploughing your way through a book. Just in time for Valentine's day, LUSH has released a sexy collection of bath and shower goodies. I tried three of the new limited items, and did my homework having baths and observing. It's a hard job. I want to try Love Locket as well, but it's £6.95 which seems incredibly extravagant for a bath. 

Unicorn Horn bubble bar, £3.25 
I saw this and immediately made a grab for it. Um, it's a pastel unicorn horn. I KNOW. Too exciting. It smells like lavender and gives you candy coloured bubbles. I'm not sure why this isn't permanent. I love lavender baths at night because they're so relaxing and cosy, and this one is so pretty. Loads of bubbles as well, from a tiny chunk. 

Lonely Heart bubble bar, £3.50
Ok, this one is all kinds of amazing. I need 10 of these. It has lemongrass, ylang ylang, bergamot and jasmine - it smells zingy but not too citrusy. I love this! It made the water a bright red (not like blood, though), and had gold glitter everywhere. This one I can see being perfect for getting you all fresh for a big date. 

Floating Flower bath bomb, £3.50
This one. Eh, not so much. It has so much jasmine, and smells too heady for me. I can imagine this one being perfect if you like overly sexy smells, or a big fan of jasmine, but this was not for me. It was a slow melter as well, which I guess adds to the sensuality , but I am impatient and love the bombs that explode and cover me in glitter.

Have you tried anything from the Valentine's Day collection?


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