Monday, 26 January 2015

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation: Thoughts.

A new NARS foundation? The All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, to be precise. Could it possibly be better than my beloved sheer glow? It took me about 0.0005 miliseconds to know that I needed this foundation in my life. It has BIG claims. All day staying power. Luminous finish. A weightless feel. NARS claims that it lasts 16 hours, and has a remarkable full coverage with a weightless feel. I know. Almost too many claims, right? Like, this foundation claims to be my everything in one bottle. 

Packaging - a big frosty bottle. With a pump! Something that is so shit about sheer glow... it doesn't come with a pump. What even. This one does! So easy. The bottle is really heavy - not one to chuck in your handbag - and feels substantial. The frosty glass looks fancy, but the best thing is the pump which manages to give the right amount.

Shade wise, these are the same as sheer glow.  I find this the most useful page online, for reference. I'm the shade Gobi, which is a light warm toned kind of deal. Always easy when you have corresponding shades across the line. 

Formula - One of those water based ones that needs to be shaken to wakened. Normally with super watery formulas the bottle is squeezy, but the packaging for this is so much easier. It comes out in a runny formula. It's really easy to blend, and feels smooth. One pump is enough for 2/3 of my face, and then I use a smaller half pump for the rest. It is full coverage, legit stuff. Amazing. It's not heavy or paint-like like double-wear, but manages to give me dat plastic skin sort of effect... which I love. It doesn't feel heavy, and is basically lush. 

Finish - Healthy. Natural, but definitely with some luminosity. Just like it promised, I like. Not too matte, not crazy glowy. It does lean towards a more matte finish though, as opposed to something too shimmery and sheeny. 

Longevity - This does not last for 16 hours. On me, anyway. I tested it without anything (no primers or anything, I know!) and it lasted around 8 hours before fading around the centre of my face. With a primer and powder on top it did last longer - close to 12 hours which is pretty good for foundation! It's not sweat-proof, but does last up well throughout the day. It didn't survive my 4pm 'slumped at the desk, hands on my cheeks' pose damage-free... but what does. Towards the end of the day it did go a bit dry around my cheeks, so worth noting if your skin is incredibly dry. 

I think that's everything... Let me know what you think :) Are you a NARS junkie like me? 


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