Sunday, 13 December 2015

Sunday Beauty Chores.

Sunday is the cosiest day of the week. It's a given fact. Add December into the mix, and in between Christmas candles and festive films there are still lots of those little Sunday jobs. I say jobs, but beauty chores is more apt because none of these things are hard and they definitely add to the cosy Sunday vibe. 

Washing your hair with a clarifiying shampoo - I am still loyal to the Bumble and Bumble Sunday shampoo, because it makes your hair feel so clean (and means you don't have to wash it for longer). I always use a hair mask as well because I need all the help I can get to avoid Hermione hair. While I'm on the subject of showers, the Therapie himalayan bath salts are incredible, and really do help you fall asleep. Not that I tend to need much help in that department...

Cleaning your brushes. I know, so gross, but waking up to clean brushes on a Monday morning is worth the effort.

De-fuzz. Everything. I tend to do some DIY brow maintenance on a Sunday, and I also use these to get rid of any peachy fuzz on my face  - these are game changers. 

Painting your nails. I always get shellac nails now, but I paint my toes with the same colour every week - it's OPI lincoln park after dark. 

DIY facial. I need time to pamper my skin on the weekend, right? I do often use a mud mask on my tzone, but I definitely use something hydrating in the winter. Ah, my skin is so dry. After everything I always like to use a facial oil - at the moment I'm using the Clarins lotus oil - and then I'm working it in with the jade roller (see my post on that here)

What are your Sunday beauty chores?


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