Sunday, 13 March 2016

Sunday pamper and Sunday chores.

Ah, Sundays. The traditional day of rest, or in my house - the day of bacon sandwiches, endless cups of tea and lots of pampering. Throw some blogging into the mix and my Sundays are always pretty good. I have some pamper rituals and chores that I always tend to do on a Sunday.
Multi-masking. I'm talking hair and face. Dream scenario is having a face mask, a hair mask and a bubble bath - that is happening today.

Sundays are the day designated for washing brushes - so many brushes. Help. I like to just put netflix on in the background and then gun my way through washing all ten thousand brushes or so - worth it for squeaky clean makeup application on a Monday morning, though.

My least favourite beauty chore - shaving my legs. Ew. So much hassle for my legs to only need to be shaved again the next time. Something I've been wanting forever is laser hair removal - the team at Pro Skin Clinics got in touch with me to share their infographic (below), showing if you're suitable for having laser hair removal - I am, so smooth dolphin legs will be mine! 

*Sponsored post, but hatred of shaving and desire for smooth legs all my own. 


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