Saturday, 11 June 2016

Wedding rings, Sightseeing and a Unicorn bike

Really struggled with my alliteration game this week, and the post turned into a little ramble but it's just me, typing away :)

Last weekend was so much fun - we were such tourists in our city. I don't know, I think it's so nice to take the time to explore your city through the eyes of someone who doesn't know it. We did the tower of London, which was interesting and I hadn't been for over a decade(!). We also did a boat tour and went to China town for dinner, so a pretty good day and it was nice seeing family. 

Such a busy week at work - last week is my last ever week at my current role, so busy wrapping everything up as well as doing normal work things and going to some events. Not too bad though, because we got to go on the unicorn bike, above. We also bought our wedding rings this week, with three and a half months to go!

What have you got up to this week? This weekend I'm getting a hair cut and seeing some friends tomorrow so nice and chilled. Going to try and get next week's blog posts scheduled as well... we'll see. 



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