Saturday, 31 December 2016

17 Blogs To Bookmark for 2017

It's time to share some blogging love - with the end of the year literally around the corner, there are seventeen of some of my favourite blogs from this year. I did this post last year (you can see it here), and all of the blogs there still stand as excellent reads!  

I just get little heart eyes whenever I head over to Jodie Melissa's blog, with the lust-worthy flat-lay photographs and pink & girly images. I love that I can always spot Jodie's photos when I flick through Instragram. 

I always admire A Girl, Obsessed for continually providing daily engaging content - it's really an inspiration! I love the clean & bright white photographs, and Mandy's e-book is a really great resource for bloggers. 

The queen of flatlays, Jasmine Talks Beauty is one I read daily, because her posts are absolutely packed full of information and recommendations - with really helpful swatches and colour-accurate photography, Jasmine is one of those must-read resources for any beauty obsessive. 

Lovely Lily from Pint Sized Beauty is an absolute favourite; her blog posts are just consistently dreamy, with amazing photos (basically I want to print them out and frame them), and Lily is always a fun one on twitter!

Lover of the liquid lipsticks, Emmys Beauty Cave has such gorgeous & bright photography and her posts always catch my eye. Emmy has also recently become quite the pinterest queen, so she's one to check out if you're a fellow pinner! 

The happiest person on my twitter timeline, Through The Mirror, aka Caitlin is always happy and always spreading some positivity wherever she goes. I love her bright and saturated photos, and her blog posts are always really helpful. 

The way to my (blogging) heart is really with a gorgeous flatlay, and I particularly love Wear Daisy Went's blog for providing gorgeous photo after gorgeous photo. 

How Gemma Louise finds the time to blog so much and look after her gorgeous little baby is very impressive! Everything about Gemma's blog is so pink and girly, I love catching up with all of her posts. 

I feel like The Beauty Sanctuary and me have similar tastes - she has a love of pearls and Diptyque candles. With dreamy photos and beautifully written lists, I often get lost reading a post or two. 

I know I'm not alone in my love for Vix Meldrew; she's funny, out-spoken and seems as sarcastic as I am. She writes a lot about life and dating, and she's doubtlessly going to go massively viral any day now. I love how refreshing her blog is, and I really think 2017 is going to bring big things for her! 

Every product that Leanne writes about I either own or want to own by the end of the post! L Page Beauty posts so regularly, and her recommendations are always spot on. 

One of my absolute favourites, Floral Etiquette has such jaw-dropping photos! Jemma has recently started doing lots more YouTube videos as well - she's a cutie!

For a gorgeously themed beauty edit, The Makeup Directory is one of my favourites. Sally always inspires me with her creative photos, and her posts always make me want to go shopping... 

With fantastically bright and editorial-style shots, Sophie's Makeup is one of those lovely blogs where you can really lose a few hours as you read every post!

My favourite blog to read on a Thursday because of the beauty news post, Hope Freedom Love posts really regularly with lots of reviews and new content. 

Everything Style Lobster creates just really impresses me; she's on it across all platforms and continually puts out new and engaging content. I wish I had just half of her fashion sense. Emily went full-time this year and fully inspires me to work as hard as she does. 

I could just scroll through Annie Writes Beauty's instagram for days and days, and as well as organising blogger events, Alice is such a babe irl. 

Last, but by no means least, is the lovely LeLore. With gorgeous photography and sharp writing, Laura's blog really deserves more recognition! 

Do you have any favourite blogs at the moment?



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