Tuesday, 23 August 2016

A New Type of Brush

Just call me your friendly beauty investigator.

I just get so intrigued by new trends, and always want to try out new makeup trends.

The paddle makeup brushes? I bought the Artis one because I couldn't resist any longer - it just looked so interesting. The technique is pretty unusual - it definitely takes some getting used to it. Instead of buffing the product in, you brush it on. It does leave a really nice finish on the skin, and it looks natural. 

The downsides? It takes some getting used to, and I think this style of brush absorbs a lot of product. I think the style is good for covering every area on the face, and it does leave a nice smooth finish. 

If you're comparing the two, I'd say buy the Primark one to try out the style. It's good to practice the technique with, and then if you like it I would suggest upgrading to Artis... the quality is really nice, and it feels a lot sturdier. The Artis brushes do look like the perfect blend of high-tech and stylish. 

Have you tried this style of brush?



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