Friday, 14 October 2016

New Skincare Treats

I've only got one face, you know. So although I get sent a fair bit of skincare, a product really has to pique my interest in order to make it into the bathroom cabinet... Lately, I have some new treats that I wanted to share. 

I was sent this box from Beauty Beyond Borders which was packed full of xxx skincare. Too exciting! It had sheet masks, serums, essences and all kinds of skincare treats that I had never seen before. Beauty boxes are a saturated market and it's a little hard to be excited about trying brands that, as a beauty junkie, I have probably tried before. Give me one of these though, where I don't know anything about anything of the products... far more interested. Asian skincare is the way to go! 

When I think about Simple skincare, I remember the face wipes that I used when I was about 14... literally all I used to cleanse my skin and then I wondered why my skin would sting after rubbing alcohol all over it. Given the amount of mascara I wear on a daily basis though, I am always keen to try out eye makeup removes that work without stinging the eyes. This Simple one is cheap and cheerful - a little bit oily, but it removes the bulk of my eye makeup easily. 

Lastly, the newest face mask to my stash is the Temple Spa Trufflesque mask. OK, this is gold. Like actual gold. This is such a luxurious addition to my mask arsenal, and one I have been reaching for when I want a real pamper. It's good at hydrating, and I find it leaves my skin feeling plump and smoother. Not only does it look amazing, but it leaves my skin feeling good - sold. 

What skincare are you using at the moment?


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