Monday, 1 May 2017

If You Buy One Thing This Month...

My May beauty crush has got to go to the new Fruity Juicy collection from MAC because the packaging is just everything. It looks so nicely done, and the whole collection seems to have at least one thing for everyone. I have lost interest in some of the MAC collections because they were getting a little repetitive for me but the spark has been reignited with this collection - largely because of the gorgeous packaging. 

I went for Si, Si, Me! because I'm just always drawn to the bright shades... the pale nude really looked good but I thought it might be a little pale on me - plus, I was shopping with my friend and we both went for this shade #DoubleHaul. The shade itself is described as a deep violet but it leans more towards pink than purple I think. Pinky purple lipsticks just make me happy! The satin formula is so creamy as well - this limited edition collection has really done well in terms of formula. 

Does this collection speak to you?



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