Wednesday, 12 July 2017

A New Hair Hero

I'm not massively into haircare because my hair always seems difficult to manage and the overall effect I want is never something I can describe eloquently in words - I don't want it to look frizzy, I don't want it to be too sleek, I don't want it to look too done... basically, I want it to look cool. So, my interest was thoroughly piqued when I heard about the Hair by Sam McKnight Cool Girl Texturising Spray

The best bit about the range is that it's by Sam McKnight - I would describe him as the Charlotte Tilbury of hair in that he's an industry expert with four decades worth of experience. His eponymous collection of four different products has been inspired by his key styling techniques, his expertise and designed with the idea of making home styling a little more effortless. The Cool Girl spray is meant to be rock'n'roll hair in a can; the antithesis to done hair. Essentially, it's the just rolled out of bed but I still look amazing look and it's a fine texture spray that gives mess and volume to hair. You can spray through the ends to muss hair a bit, or spray in the roots upside down to give hair some heightened volume. I suppose the first thing that makes it ~cool~ is the dreamy pink packaging - it's gorgeous, and definitely looks chic on my dressing table. It's the prettiest packaging I've ever seen for a hair styling product, which (although shallow) does make me more inclined to use it. On my new shorter hair, a texture spray is a welcome addition to keep things looking edgy so this is something I've been reaching for on a daily basis. It's pretty much all I've been using on dry hair, and just spritzing it through hair as my one gesture towards making an effort. 

What's your go to styling product?


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