Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Three Refreshing Summer Scents

One day, I will make my own perfume... Luckily for me, there are plenty of beautiful perfumes ti discover before we get there! I love changing my perfumes to suit my mood and as right now I'm dreaming of summer holidays and enduring this sticky London heat, I am reaching for the most delicious and refreshing fragrances around... the ones that evoke the scent of summer and the ones that invigorate the senses. 

Straight away, this perfume screams summer to me in that in transports you to the Mediterranean with just one spritz. Santal is one of those popular ingredients favoured by editors and the fashion elite and I can see why as this woody aroma smells so undeniably chic on the skin. This one from Clean Reserve opens up with mandarin leaves and bergamot which gives it juicy hit before it dries down to something far muskier with a delicate hint of fig (it's far softer than the Diptyque). The base notes are sandalwood, amber and rose which all make it quite a heady fragrance but it's definitely androgynous in its appeal - it's easily one to share. 

To me, this is a perfume just begging to be worn alongside sandals on a scorching hot day - it's delicious. It has a slight saltiness to it which just perfectly encapsulates hazy summer days; the scent lingers excellently throughout the day and manages to maintain its musky warmth and woodiness. 

For something delicately floral and refreshing, this pick from Armani is a perfect summer holiday pick - it was inspired by the sight of a sunrise glowing pink above the sea so you know it's going to be bright, sunny and up-lifting. To me this would be categorised strictly under 'sparkling'; it opens with lychee and pear which manage to create a crisp and juicy aroma. It's an undeniably happy scent, and it's lovely to freshen up both the skin and the mood. It has peony and rose notes which add such a silky soft effect to the perfume as a whole - it wouldn't be a summer scent without a gorgeous floral note, or two. Looping the whole thing together is white musk which prevents the perfume from being too sweet or sickly; instead the soft musk combined with the juicy florals creates a sparkling soft sunshine aroma. I'm imagining this perfume worn with a fabulous kaftan and loads of jewellery somewhere in the south of France. 

Being such a rose fanatic, there had to be something floral in this edit... this one is beautifully Italian in how light and elegant it is. One spritz immediately makes me feel as though I'm infinitely more put-together and chic... the joys of a good perfume! This one is obviously rose-based but the best way I could describe it would be to call it luxurious - it's modern and smells expensive. The heart notes are rose essential oil and rose absolute which are beautifully velvety and lascivious. It has mandarin in the fragrance to add a lighter twist and then musk and sandalwood help to add the alluring warmth to it. 

To me this is on the more seductive end of the summer perfume edit - it's floral and girly but it manages to capture a little Dolce Vita essence to the affair with the evocative elements. I think this works well as a fragrance for a city girl in the summer - it's not too light and I can imagine this would appeal to a lot of people. 



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