Thursday, 6 July 2017

Hyped Heroes: Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

There are many bows in my string, but perhaps one of the most exciting is my status as a liquid lipstick connosieur - perhaps my favourite ever formula is from Stila, so it was only fitting that they much-hyped lipsticks would fit into my hyped heroes mini-series because... they're amazing. 

So, who are Stila? An LA based beauty brand, it was created in 1994 by a celebrity makeup artist and their whole ethos is that they're driving innovative products and fashion-led colours. Although a lot of brands call themselves innovative, I do think Stila was one of the first brands to have liquid lipsticks on the market - definitely ahead of the times. 

What makes the liquid lipsticks so hyped? Simply put, the liquid lipstick trend exploded a few years ago and left everyone looking for matte colours with a long-lasting finish. Stila has some really cult shades, like Patina, and they regularly update their shade range to include new on-trend colours so there's always something new. The lipsticks had some blog coverage early on (beauty bloggers always spot a trend!) and has subsequently won a handful of awards from magazines like Stylist making them a product recommended by basically every beauty expert seems to be a fan. 

What's the formula like? The formula is especially creamy upon first application with rich pigmented colour - I've found even the paler shades to have enough pigment to cover the lips without streaking. With vitamin E and avocado oil, the whole thing promises to be a lot less drying than some of the other lipstick on the market. I've found the deeper shades to last a good 8 hours, and they leave a stain behind. The doe foot makes application easy, and it smells like vanilla. 

What makes it a hero? In a sea of lipsticks, it's a good one to have in your arsenal for when you need your lipstick to stay in place for a big day/meeting/event. There's a shade for pretty much any makeup look and their biggest plus is how they don't compromise the comfort of the product for the longevity. 

Are you a fan?


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