Friday, 7 July 2017

Another Week in Lipsticks

I always find looking into someone's makeup bag fascinating because it's so interesting to see what people put on their face on a daily basis - I'm going further and sharing the last week in lipsticks along with some snippets from the past week.

Friday - Stila Perla

Ok, so payday Friday is always going to be good and I bought this bag in my lunch break which made my whole Friday far more exciting! The rest of my Friday was one of those annoying days where you seem really clumsy - I knocked over a bottle of water, spilt my porridge all over the carpet and managed to send a whatsapp to the wrong person so I was pretty happy to get home without any major fuckups... I went with the Stila because I was working on a post rounding up the liquid lipsticks and this peachy shade is one of my favourites.

Best day of the week, spent with Aimee and April - eating and shopping in London, basically my dream. We went for brunch at Berners Tavern and had the best macaroni cheese ever ever ever. Managed to pick up some great new finds from Deciem, Liberty and Selfridges - the usual haunts. I wore this little beaut of a shade, and it's the peachy lipstick of dreams. I know, Jeffree is controversial in the blogging world but I am a fan of the makeup

Who else loves a lazy day? Me. Me, I love them. After trying out The Ordinary peeling solution the night before, my skin was looking red and a bit worse for wear so I basically moisturised and then didn't leave the house until 5pm - we saw Hampstead at the cinema, which was super cute. I live in Hampstead, so it was basically a great opportunity to see my little borough on the big screen. As it was a no makeup day, all I used was the Glossier balm dot com. Gorgeous stuff, and such a good lip balm! Highly recommended. 

Back to work, again! My makeup tends to start off with more effort on a Monday and then deteriorates as the week goes on because bed is just too damn comfy in the morning... Monday's highlight was my first ever newsletter going out - much excitement. If you don't wanna miss out the second edition, you can subscribe here! Lipstick wise, I went for Kat Von D Berlin for something bright and summery. 

I won't lie to you... not a lot happened midweek for me, and it was just a case of going to work, going to meetings, coming home, designing some media kits (I'm making them for fellow bloggers) and then passing out by 10.30pm. Chris and I have recently started watching House of Cards, which is so so good and definitely one I'd recommend - season two opening episode was all kinds of shocking. Both lipsticks for both days are easy, neutral shades that required no effort basically.

Another busy day - I spent the morning on a photo shoot and the afternoon back in the office. Photoshoot styling is such a dream, I really enjoy it. It was so so so hot yesterday so the only lipstick option I really wanted was this lip gloss/balm hybrid from Clarins - it's a dream to apply and gives a sheer wash of easy colour. Really exciting in the evening is Chris and I booked a trip to Venice for out anniversary, can't wait!

How has your past week been?



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