Sunday, 9 July 2017

A Four Step Facial: The Breakout Edition

Sunday should definitely be renamed as pamper day as it's definitely the main day a week where I like to take time and really treat any skincare concerns. At the moment, I'm having some lovely sort of hormonal breakout on my chin so my main point of attack is to try and sort that out! Basically, I'm going to make some iced coffee, do a face mask and watch House of Cards...

My first pick is the REN Glycolic Radiance Renewal mask - I hadn't used this for a while, but a fresh bottle has been a welcome addition to my mask stash because I had forgotten how radiant this mask makes the skin look. It looks like marmalade on the face, tingles a bit and eats away at any dry skin on the surface so helps to break down blemishes on the skin. After that (because one mask is never enough), the Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud mask is a great pick for when skin is feeling congested because the mud is so purifying on the skin. It doesn't leave the complexion feeling fry but I can notice an immediate difference. After that, a hydrating mist like the Emma Hardie one is a great one to spritz on throughout the day as it leaves skin feeling really soft and I'm not a fan of leaving skin excessively dry to treat a certain area. Lastly, my go to treatment when I have a breakout is the Clinique clinical clearing gel - it's very potent stuff and is to be used on a pinpoint area. 



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